Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I Didn't Do This Summer

Those of  us who work in education have a special place in our heart for summer. Some regard it like my husband, a 35-year-veteran teacher, "I have the summers off so I can go earn a living."

Then there are some who have a long Summer-To-Do list prepared by the middle of May. I had mine in hand the last day of school this past May. However, today - August 7 - was my second day back to school for the "Fall." (August = Fall? Just doesn't seem right.) And my To-Do list is still mostly unchecked.

I must say, I LOVE my job; it's just the "going to work" that's the bummer - especially after trying to get my list done.

What didn't I get done? See if you can guess:

CABINETS!  That's right.

A picture is worth a thousand words on this next entry on my Didn't-Get-Done-This-Summer list:

I hope you didn't guess, "No money earned from tomatoes" because what really didn't get done was: Grow. Some. Food. Period.

Remember when your kids were little and you signed them up for Little League or enrolled them in piano lessons because you always wanted to do that when you were a kid?

Well, apparently it's my daughter's turn to fulfill her dreams in me. She decided to plant some zuchinni, cilantro, and tomatoes for her gardening-illiterate mother. She said, "Water these." I tried. Well, for most of the hundred degree weather I tried. And you see what I got.

Another line item on my list that didn't get accomplished is: write another book. I didn't think I'd get the entire book written. But, I had the subject, the theme, and a few notes. Apparently that's not enough to write a book. The farmers' fields and ponds weren't the only thing shriveled up this summer. MY well was dry, too; so not even a page of that book is written.

I guess I can look at it the other way -

What I DID DO This Summer:

 Welcomed our first grandBOY to our crew of four grandGIRLS

Learned I could handle three 2-1/2 year old girls in the pool (with curbside help!)

Tasted my first RUNZA burger

Tried to wrap my brain around the changing nature of a
three-year-old's birthday party

Had a great vacation

and . . .

Learned a great way to take off three layers of old wallpaper!

Gee - with a list like that, what am I stressed for?

All that sounds like much more fun than I had planned!

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